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Scotia Rail Development Society was set up in April, 2015, by citizens of Cape Breton and Northern Nova Scotia when they heard that the owner of the rail line, Genesee Wyoming, were planning to abandon the Cape Breton section of the line. Their plan was to  sell or use the rails in other places.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. David Rae, dean  of the Shannon School of Business,  a strategy is being developed.  The committee includes representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Breton Partnership,  BCA Group and a variety of business  leaders. The general public is now being invited to join the society.

A provincial committee has been set up to examine options that are available to the government. While the group heartily supports the efforts of Transport Minister Maclellan,  they feel that more initiative must come from the local community.  To better inform the public, meetings have been held in North Sydney,  Iona and Sydney. More meetings are planned.

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Our Mission Is Fivefold:

  1. Explore various options for continuation of the rail service to Sydney, Cape Breton
  2. Demonstrate the vital importance regionally in order to support the continuation of the rail link to Sydney, Cape Breton
  3. Support efforts to ensure continuation of the rail link to Sydney, Cape Breton
  4. Secure in perpetuity the right of way of the line
  5. Demonstrate that rail transport is the most affordable and environmentally friendly land transport for climate change

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